We were raised in Rockford, Illinois. The Kaufmans: Ruth, Bay, Michael and myself. After my mother and father divorced my mother remarried my stepfather Milt and we moved to Chicago. My brother Michael,
and his wife Kate moved from Rockford with their 3 children to St. Louis aka “The Lou” then lived in Austin, Oakland, LA, and Newport Beach CA. Needless to say our love has grown and our bond strengthened as we move ahead day by day. The Kaufman Klan; a small yet growing group. Together as one, on the path called life. I eventually married Nancy and had our only child Julia on May 6 2000. Currently the 3 of us live in Chicago. We will begin with my brother Michael his wife Kate, and their 3 children and 4 grandchildren, depicted in the cyber tree below. Click on any picture as they will link to more pictures highlighting our family. My how time flies when your having fun or cursing the speed of time as we accelerate in age.